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If you discover fraud or malpractice in your organization, you can access this web site from any computer with Internet access and tell us what you know by completing the online form.

The information you enter on the form will be kept confidential. We will review it and give it to the person who your organization has told us is the Designated Individual. Your organization’s Designated Individual can be anyone – you, your CPA, your lawyer, the business owner, anyone. Once the Designated Individual has the report, he or she can present it to your company’s senior management, and/or the Designated Individual can proceed with their own investigation, or turn it over to professionals or law enforcement to take such action as they deem necessary.

If you prefer, you may call us at 888-725-1401, and speak to a Fraud Examiner during business hours, or leave a detailed voice mail message. If you choose to leave a confidential report via the toll-free Fraud Hotline’s voice mail, we will contact you only if you give us permission to do so. In addition, you may print report this form, complete it and send it to us by mail or fax.

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